Alabama Department of Labor

Inspections Documents

Annual Report by Labor Organizations or Labor Unions
Application for Surface Mining Permit and Plan of Reclamation
Boiler Application for Certificate of Competency
Elevator Mechanic's License Application
Fireboss Upgrade Application
Mine Foreman-Fireboss Packet
MR Comprehensive Reclamation Plan
Guides and Manuals
Alabama Elevator Safety Review Board
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Board
Licensed Elevator Inspectors
Non-Fuel Surface Mining Fact Sheet
Laws and Legal Codes
Acceptable Forms of Identification
Boiler Board Rules & Regulations
Boiler Statute
Elevator / Conveyance Cab Refurbishing
Elevator Administrative Procedures for Licensed Inspectors
Elevator Rules & Regulations
Elevator Statute
Requirements of Surface Mining Act
Summary amendments to Surface Mining Act 9-27-99
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