Alabama Department of Labor

UC Telephone Numbers for Claimants

To file a New or Reopened Claim for Unemployment Compensation
You may also file your claim online at:
To file an Unemployment Compensation Claim 1-866-234-5382 (8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Mon. - Fri.)
To contact the Inquiry Line regarding an existing claim 1-800-361-4524 (8:00 am - 4:30 pm,, Mon. - Fri.)

To file or view the status of a Weekly Certification for Unemployment Compensation
You may file for or view the status of a weekly certification online at:
Montgomery Birmingham Toll Free
(334) 954-4094 (205) 458-2282 1-800-752-7389

To contact an Unemployment Compensation Call Center by FAX
Montgomery Birmingham
(334) 956-7307 (205) 458-2222

To FAX a request to APPEAL an Unemployment Compensation Claim (334) 956-5891
To Fax a request to the Board of Appeals (334) 956-7494
To report Unemployment Compensation FRAUD 1-800-392-8019
To request copies of records from Information Disclosure (334) 954-4076

NOTE: Appeals must be filed online, or in writing and faxed, mailed or delivered in-person to the Alabama Department of Labor Hearings and Appeals Division. Click here for more details.